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Listserv Evaluation

   I found the listserv program to be very helpful. Listserv is a great way to communicate with your peers and ask questions you might feel uncomfortable asking a professor.  Listserv is a safe environment in which no one feels insecure not knowing how to perform different tasks. The archives of previous listserv discussions are a great help and can answer questions before they have a chance to be asked. I prefer to work with people over working with the listserv because I learn better person to person but when there are no people around to learn from, listserv is a saving grace.  I think a listserv would be a fabulous way to open lines of communication for students in their classes. The students could communicate on listserv to help each other with class work or to understand difficult concepts in the class.  I also think listserv would be great for a 'supporters of music' organization. At my high school there was a Friends of Music organization that included parents of music students as well as other supporters in the community. The only communication between members of that organization were monthly mail-outs and a meeting every other month. A listserv would allow the members of the organization to share their ideas and concerns as well as being able to communicate with anyone else in the group which allows for relationships to form. Overall, I think listservs are a wonderful way to communicate in a non threatening environment and help others as well as learn new things for yourself.