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LoTi Week 10 Evaluation

            Through my examination of the seven levels of technology implementation, I find myself most characterized by level two.  The LoTi website describes level two as using “technology-based tools [to] supplement the existing instructional program… or compliment selected multimedia and/or web-based projects… at the knowledge/ comprehension level”.  At this level the technology is not a part of the core curriculum but is more to reinforce knowledge previously attained.

            In the article Levels of Technology Implementation (LoTi): A framework for Measuring Classroom Technology Use, the author discusses the theory of self –efficacy. This theory suggests that teachers with a low self-efficacy often choose a lower level of innovation. These teachers would only choose to use technology they are comfortable with. I fear I fall into level two of LoTi not only because I have not been exposed to much technology throughout my education but also because I am not comfortable with technology.  I have never been successful using technology so I just assume it is better to stay away from it.  I did not know until now how wonderful an asset technology can be in a learning environment.

            My experience with technology is limited to word processing, internet research, and some specialized programs such as photo shop or finali. Spreadsheets and graphs were never part of my education in grade school and technology in college so far has included biology labs on computer and the use of finali for compositions.  Technology was never important in my house growing up, I was always encouraged to use my brain and be creative doing art projects or creating songs on the piano so technology has never held importance in my life until now.

            A new light has been shed on the implementation of technology in the classroom for me and I intend to learn more about the different uses of technology so I can provide students with the best education possible. I may be at level two on the LoTi scale now but the more I learn about what technology can do for the mind and educational process by making learning more hands on, the more I intend to use it in the classroom.